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privacy policy

Triton Projects has created this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate and convey our firm commitment to protecting your privacy. Our Policy consists of the following principles:

Collecting and Using Information
In general, you can visit this web site without advising us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. Should you choose to provide personal information for any purpose, including seeking career opportunities , you control what personal information is provided to us. If we wish to use your personal information for any other purpose, we will first obtain your consent.

Releasing Information
We may provide your personal information to other persons but only if:
(a) we have your consent;
(b) we provide the information to our suppliers or agents who assist us in serving you and they have agreed to abide by our Privacy Policy; or
(c) we are required to do so by law or court order.

Protecting Information
We will endeavor to protect your personal information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. We will retain your information only for the time it is required and for the purposes for which it was provided to us.

Notwithstanding our best efforts, safeguards and security measures, the Internet is not a fully secure medium and therefore confidentiality and privacy cannot be ensured. Churchill and all of its subsidiaries therefore will not be liable for any damages resulting from the transmission or disclosure of personal or confidential information.

Providing Information Access and Accuracy
On your request, we will provide you with the information we retain about you. To the extent you provide us with updated information from time to time, we will make every reasonable effort to keep the information we retain about you accurate and up to date.

Respecting and Responding to your Privacy Concerns
We will make every reasonable effort to investigate and respond to your reasonable concerns about any aspect of our handling of your personal information.


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