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No service is too demanding and we pride ourselves on meeting the most aggressive and detailed schedules. From grassroots construction to the modification and expansion of existing facilities, Triton provides a host of expertise and experience in civil works, foundations, equipment setting and assembly, electrical and instrumentation, building erection and structural steel and piping.

Civil Works
• Site surveying, preparation, grading and layout
• Excavation and backfill
• Access roads
• Pile installation
• Tank containment systems

• Forming
• Embedded and reinforcing steel installation
• Concrete placement and finishing

Equipment Setting and Assembly
• Equipment hauling and setting
• Engineered lifts
• Millwright services
• Precision grouting
• Equipment insulation

Electrical and Instrumentation
• Cable tray and MCC installations
• Wiring and terminations
• Motors, transformers, control circuits
• PLC installations and terminations

Building Erection
• Pre-engineered buildings
• Self-frame buildings and utilidors
• Erection and insulation services

Structural Steel and Piping
• Shop fabrication and field installation
• NDE, hydro-testing, stress relieving, painting and coating services

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